Breville Scraper Pro

Stand Mixer Review

If you know the build quality of Breville, you'll know why the Breville Scraper Mixer Pro is on our list of the best kitchen mixers. With a 500W motor, die-cast body and 12 mixing speeds, this machine upholds the quality and durability known to come from all Breville products.

The KitchenAid Artisan may have more attachments and a Cuisinart may have a little more power, but everything this Breville stand mixer does, it does very well. It has a very large capacity bowl and its attachments are engineering perfectly to make full use of that capacity. The flexible edge paddle is particularly impressive, reaching every part of the bowl for easy, consistent mixing. It is the ideal choice for a home baker or chef who wants a really reliable machine that does all the basics well. Its range of attachments is rather limited, but those that do come with it are so well-designed and chosen that they will cover 95% of the tasks a home kitchen will need.

Overall, the Breville Scraper Mixer Pro is a great choice for anyone looking for a well built machine that is very convenient to use and gets the job done right every time. Using its timer, shutoff function, and overload protection, you can set the machine to work and forget about it while you get on with other tasks. It's a wise purchase decision for the first time mixer buyer as it makes everything as simple as possible.

Mixing Performance

The Breville Scraper Mixer Pro stands up to heavy dough kneading (the real test of any electric mixer) without any issue. It's very safe to load the Breville up to its limit as it comes with an excellent overload protection system that prevents the 500W motor from burning out. Many cheaper models come with large, 5 quart+ bowls but without the motor capacity or safety features to make full use of that capacity. The Breville has an outstanding and reliable motor, not quite as powerful as the Cuisinart SM-55 Mixer, but still strong enough to deal with the heaviest jobs in a home kitchen.

Breville built this mixer with 12 different speeds and included a handy guide on the machine that gives you an idea what each speed is most suitable for. The timer is unique in that it can be used as a conventional countdown timer, but will also count up like a stopwatch. This is a fantastic feature for home bakers who are developing their own recipes as it allows you to experiment and determine exactly the right amount of time the Breville needs to get the ingredients to the required consistency.

Despite being made of die-cast metal, the Breville Scraper is very light and easy to move around the kitchen. Storing it in a cupboard and putting it back each time is no longer a difficult, awkward task. It is also very quiet, with little vibrations for such a powerful motor.

The Breville employs a planetary mixing movement and coupled with the opposing rotations of the attachment and mixer head, it makes for smooth, complete and consistent mixing every time.

Breville Attachments

The Breville Scraper Mixer Pro comes with four standard attachments:

The flexible edge scraper beater is the clear star among these. It is every baker's dream, a tool that easily mixes a consistent batter and uses every single bit of the ingredients. It means no more concentrated bits of ingredients or lumpy batters. The flexible edge is contoured perfectly to the shape of the bowl and even works down into the recess at the bottom of the bowl. Nothing is left on the inside of the bowl and it completely eliminates the need for scraping down with a spatula. The dough hook is very sturdy and the dough doesn't work its way up the hook and into the mixer head like some other models. The wire whip is an excellent design, beating eggs expertly into a huge volume. It outshines even the Cuisinart in this regard.

The one downside of this Breville mixer is that there are no other attachments than these four available to extend the functionality of a brilliant machine. To be fair to Breville, you won't need any other attachments in day to day use. However, some people will miss having the option to do some more specialized tasks with it.

Ease of Operation

Convenience is a key feature for this Breville stand mixer. It is light and easy to move around the kitchen. The timer combined with an automatic shutoff feature means it can be left unsupervised and will work away efficiently. Even small features like the handle on the mixing bowl, handholds on the bottom of the machine and a recess to secure the bowl in place show the kind of attention to detail in the design of the Breville.

It is very well built and the tilt head moves freely and locks into place without any issues. The whole unit gives an impression of good quality workmanship. As mentioned, the bowl is a great size so large batches are no problem for the Breville.

Colors and Style

The Breville Scraper Mixer is very stylish, and at first glance reminds you of the retro 50s style of a KitchenAid Artisan. It looks so well that fits into any kitchen design. It comes in a range of 3 colors, black, red and silver. Anyone interested in interior design can tell you that these are colors that work best in kitchen appliance color schemes and they blend perfectly into contemporary designed kitchens. The Breville Scraper Mixer Pro is the kind of appliance that can be a centerpiece of a section of worktop or island unit. The power lead stores neatly in the bottom of the machine, removing any unnecessary clutter that can spoil a well-designed kitchen.

Warranty and Support

Breville offers a one year warranty on their products and is so confident in their product that they state they will replace any unit with a fault with an identical or comparable unit. They will even send it free of charge, a nice touch that most companies don't offer. Breville does appear to take good care of their customers, and this is an important factor when making a purchase like this.